Max Tub & Tile 1 GL

Max Tub & Tile

Tub & Tile Cleaner

MAX TUB & TILE uses a highly concentrated formula to clean hard, non-porous surfaces. 


Removes All Grime & Soap Scum from Showers, Tubs & Tiles
For Use On Ceramic & Porcelain Tile, Plastic, Linoleum, Stainless Steel & Vinyl


E8-64 64 OZ Purple
E8-04 1 GL Purple
E8-05 5 GL Purple

LIGHT CLEANING: 2 OZ - 4 OZ per GL water.
GENERAL CLEANING: 8 OZ - 12 OZ per GL water.
HEAVY DUTY CLEANING: 16 OZ - 24 OZ per GL water.
REMOVING LIME SCALE & SOAP SCUM: Allow product to sit 30 seconds to penetrate soil before wiping clean. Repeat if necessary. 
MOLD & MILDEW CONTROL: Spray 6-8” from pre-cleaned surface. Let surface remain wet for 3 minutes, then let to air dry. Repeat application weekly or when mold and mildew growth re-appears. Rinse bathtub/shower surfaces with water after using product.
Can be diluted manually or through our proprietary dispensing units.