Oil Wildcatter


Founded in 1912 by oil wildcatter John W. Glenn, Emulso opened its doors as a small oil refinery in Lima, Ohio. Initially produced as a specialty product, Liquid Sunshine Furniture Polish, a true emulsion, was born. As of today, Liquid Sunshine remains a staple in Emulso’s line of polishes & the oldest product in our portfolio.


Original Emulso logo

By 1922, Liquid Sunshine was so successful that all other specialty products in the Emulso catalog were discontinued. To complement Liquid Sunshine, an all-purpose cleaner known as “Glenzene Dirt Chaser” was added to Emulso’s growing line of products, and was the first liquid commercial cleaner sold to homes and businesses. Today we know it simply as Glenzene. Also around this time, Emulso launched one of the first iterations of its logo.


In 1927, Emulso moved to Buffalo, New York. Under the direction of John W. Glenn’s sons, Robert W. Glenn and John K. Glenn, Emulso expanded its product portfolio to include a full line of cleaners including degreasers, polishes, waxes, food service & laundry products. These are industries Emulso continues to serve today.


Glenzoil 20 Plus Crack Sealant Barrier Material

In 1992, Sturgeon Glenn, grandson of John W. Glenn, began developing products for the paving maintenance industry including an innovative product called “Glenzoil 20 Plus”. Our best-known product and a staple in the paving and construction industry, this biodegradable, non-toxic liquid prevents tracking and picking of freshly applied hot-melt sealants. Due in large part to the success of Glenzoil 20 Plus, Emulso paving products are sold by distributors internationally.

E-ZOIL Performance. Pour it on.


In 2019,  E-ZOIL, manufacturer of performance-enhancing fuel additives and cleaning solutions, acquired Emulso. The strategic acquisition effectively decreased operational costs and increased productivity, expanding the products and services portfolio for each company. For more information about E-ZOIL or to learn about the acquisition, visit EZOIL.com


Emulso Products  

Today, Emulso still calls Buffalo, New York home. Our product line has grown to over 500 formulations and many of our products are biodegradable, environmentally friendly, EPA-registered, and DOT-approved and are utilized by numerous industries.