Floor Restore

Floor Restore


FLOOR RESTORE uses a highly-concentrated water-based formula to clean floors, remove scuff marks/stains and restore the luster of high gloss floor finishes.

FLOOR RESTORE can eliminate the need for frequent mopping, stripping, and refinishing of floors, and reduces the need for pre- burnishing restoration to 1-2 times per week, or when significant gloss enhancement is needed but a re-coating isn’t practical.


Cleans Floors
Removes Deep Scuff Marks & Stains
Restores High Gloss Floor Finishes


B13-04 1 GL Clear
B13-05 5 GL Clear
B13-55 55 GL Clear
B13-275 275 GL Clear

DAILY MOPPING: Dilute 1/2 OZ - 1 OZ per GL in bucket, then mop  floor. No rinsing is required.

DAILY AUTOMATIC SCRUBBING: Fill the solution tank with water and dilute 1/2 OZ - 1 OZ per GL of tank capacity. Scrub floor, then pick up solution with auto scrubber. No rinsing is required.

PRE-BURNISHING RESTORING: Dilute product at the rate of 3 OZ - 4 OZ per GL of water and apply to floor by mop or automatic scrubber. Do not flood. Allow product to dry. Pre-burnish restoring may be conducted 2 - 3 times per week or when a significant gloss enhancement is needed but deep scrub and recoat is not practical.