Sure Step

Sure Step


SURE STEP uses a metal cross-linked acrylic-based formula to quickly seal floors with minimal finish maintenance. SURE STEP is formulated to be buffed once a week or less.


Seals Floors with a High Shine Finish
Easy Maintenance! Buff Once Weekly After Application
Fast Dry Time
18% Solids


B1-04 1 GL White
B1-05 5 GL White
B1-55 55 GL White

FLOOR PREPARATION: If stripping is necessary, use a high-quality stripper and follow directions accordingly. If floor is in good condition and stripping is not necessary, sweep up excess dirt and dust then clean with a neutral floor cleaner to remove dirt and soil. Follow with a thorough rinsing and allow to dry completely.
APPLICATION: Apply 2-3 liberal coats of finish using a clean mop. Allow drying time between coats. Apply additional coats to obtain desired gloss. If deeper shine is desired, buff at 175 RPMs after 24 hours. SURE STEP may also be high-speed burnished at 1500-2000 RPMs.
BURNISHING: Dust mop and clean floor with a neutral floor cleaner and dilute according to directions. Burnish using the appropriate pads.
RECOATING: Dust mop and clean using a neutral floor cleaner diluted according to the product’s directions. Apply 1-2 liberal coats of finish using a mop.