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Sure Strip


SURE STRIP uses a high-performance formula to remove wax build-up and prevent floor finish discoloration.


Penetrates and Strips Wax Build-up from Floors
Prevents Floor Finish Discoloration
High-performance, Fast-acting Formula


A23-04 1 GL White
A23-05 5 GL White
A23-55 55 GL White

Dilute 8-16 parts SURE STRIP to 1 part water depending on condition of surface to be cleaned. Do not allow surface to dry before rinsing. Allow product to dwell on surface for 5-8 minutes. Using a mop or machine scrubber, agitate product to loosen debris. Rinse with water.

May be used in pressure washer, automatic type washers or in manual applications. Product may be used with hot or cold water, but hot water will give a faster cleaning.