Max High Ox R.T.U. 32 OZ

Max Hi-Ox R.T.U.

All Purpose R.T.U. Cleaner

MAX HI-OX R.T.U. uses a neutral, peroxide-based formula to clean surfaces & eliminate odors, leaving behind a fresh, citrus aroma.


Cleans & Brightens White Surfaces
• Leaves Behind a Pleasant Citrus Aroma
• Removes Organic Stains with Ease
 Ready-to-Use All-purpose Formula


C20-32 32 OZ Blue

Spray MAX HI-OX R.T.U. directly from spray bottle on the surface and let sit 20 seconds before wiping clean. When used as a carpet or fabric stain remover, spray directly onto stain and let sit for 30 minutes to allow the destaining activity of the peroxide time to work. Pat area with a clean cloth to pick up any residual product and let air dry. Works best on organic material type stains such as blood, food, urine, and vomit that can be oxidized with peroxide.