Refresh Lavender 1 GL

Refresh Lavender

Air Deodorizer & Fabric Freshener

REFRESH LAVENDER uses a concentrated water-soluble formula to neutralize strong malodors including foul odors caused by food, pets, and cigarette smoke.


Deodorizes & Refreshes Air & Fabric
Highly-concentrated Water-soluble Formula
 Leaves Behind a Pleasant Lavender Aroma


H8-64 64 OZ Purple
H8-04 1 GL Purple

LIGHT ODOR REMOVAL: Dilute 8 OZ per GL of water.
HEAVY ODOR REMOVAL: Dilute 32 OZ per GL of water. 
AUTOMATIC DISPENSING: Ask your chemical representative for specific directions. 
SPRAY BOTTLE APPLICATION: Adjust spray nozzle to fine mist. Spray into four corners of the room. Spray on fabric or upholstery until it becomes slightly damp. Let air dry.
Can be diluted manually or through our proprietary dispensing units.