Scale Away 1 GL

Scale Away


SCALE AWAY uses a highly- concentrated formula enriched with phosphoric acid & surfactants to quickly penetrate & remove milkstone, beerstone, protein & hard water scale from acid-resistant surfaces including stainless steel.


Removes Milkstone, Beerstone, Protein & Hard Water Scale
Concentrated Formula Enriched with Phosphoric Acid & Surfactants
Cleans Stainless Steel & Acid-Resistant Surfaces
For Use as a Cleaner, Acidified Rinse or Soak


D12-04CT 1 GL Green
D12-05 5 GL Green
D12-15 15 GL Green
D12-55 55 GL Green

CIP CLEANING & NEUTRALIZING: Dilute 16 OZ in 20 GL of water. Circulate through system. Rinse thoroughly with hot, potable water.

GENERAL OUTSIDE TANK CLEANING: Dilute 4 OZ - 6 OZ per GL of water. Spray outside of tank, then rinse thoroughly with hot potable water.

ACIDIFIED RINSE: Dilute 1 OZ in 5 GL of water. Rinse thoroughly with hot potable water. 

SOAK: Dilute 16 OZ in 8 GL of water. Soak object to desired result, then rinse with water.