Solvit 32 OZ



SOLVIT  uses a D-limonene-based formula enhanced with natural citrus oils to remove tar, blacktop sealers & asphalt from most washable surfaces. SOLVIT is ideal for cleaning tools, equipment & machinery & is effective on old & new deposits. Leaves behind a pleasant citrus aroma.


  Removes Tar, Blacktop Sealer & Asphalt from Tools, Equipment & Machinery
  Effectively Cleans Old & New Asphalt/Sealer Deposits
  Ready-to-Use , D-limonene-based Formula
  Leaves Behind a Pleasant Citrus Aroma


G8-32 32 OZ Orange
G8-04 1 GL Orange
G8-05 5 GL Orange
G8-55 55 GL Orange

For Hard Surfaces: Brush, spray, pour, blot or soak object with full-strength cleaner. Allow product to set, then agitate with a rag or stiff bristle brush. Immediately rinse with water. Repeat as-needed.

For Heavily Soiled Surfaces: Scrape deposit surface prior to application. Use only on solvent-resistant objects. 

For Painted Surfaces: Apply product to rag, agitate and rinse immediately. Test on an inconspicuous area before use on painted or unknown surfaces.