Pine Plus 1 GL

Pine Plus


PINE PLUS uses a highly-concentrated formula enhanced with pine oil to clean surfaces and deodorize especially hard-to-keep-fresh areas, leaving behind a pleasant pine aroma. 

Excellent for cleaning a variety of common items and surfaces including chairs, countertops, floors, garbage bins and cans, sinks, tables, telephones, toilet bowls, urinals, and walls. 

Formulated for use in the hospitality and institutional industries, and health care and long-term stay facilities.


Cleans Heavily Soiled Surfaces & Neutralizes Odors
Leaves Behind a Fresh Pine Aroma
Highly-concentrated Formula


A4-04 1 GL Green
A4-05 5 GL Green
A4-55 55 GL Green

LIGHT SOIL: Dilute 2 OZ per GL of water

MODERATE SOIL: Dilute 4 OZ per GL of water

HEAVY SOIL: Dilute 6 OZ - 8 OZ per GL of water