LOB Plus 5 GL

LOB Plus

LIQUID color safe BLEACH

LOB PLUS is a color-safe, liquid oxygen bleach designed for use in commercial laundry machines that destains without damaging fabrics or discoloring dyes and removes even the most stubborn stains.


• Destains With No Damage to Fabric or Color
• For Use in Commercial Laundry Machines
• Color-safe, Liquid Oxygen-based Formula
• Removes Stubborn, Set-in Stains


V-LLHYDPER-05 5 GL Clear
V-LLHYDPER-15 15 GL Clear
V-LLHYDPER-55 55 GL Clear

LOB PLUS is for industrial use only. It should be used in a wash formula specifically designed to meet the needs of your facility. Consult your technical chemical representative for specific use directions.