CIP Cleaner Plus 1 GL

CIP Cleaner Plus

Non-foaming Alkaline Detergent

CIP CLEANER PLUS uses a non-chlorinated, non-foaming alkaline formula to clean pans, trays, and floors.
Formulated especially for use in CIP Cleaning Operations, Automatic Floor Scrubbers, Pressure Washers, and on aluminum, zinc, and galvanized metals.


Easily Removes Heavily Encrusted Food Soils from Surfaces
May Be Used As a Pan/Tray Soap/Soak, CIP Cleaner, Pressure/Foam Cleaner & Floor Wash
Low-foam, Non-chlorinated, Alkaline Formula is CIP/Circulation Equipment & Pan/Tray Washing Machine Compatible
For Use on Food Contact Equipment, Utensils & Dishes


A25-04 1 GL Clear
A25-05 5 GL Clear
A25-15 15 GL Clear
A25-55 55 GL Clear
A25-275 275 GL Clear

PAN & TRAY WASHING: Add at a rate of 1/4 - 2 OZ per gallon of water by either injecting automatically into dishwashing machines or adding manually to wash water.

CIP CLEANING: Dilute 1 - 2 OZ per gallon of water, depending on degree of soil. Circulate through system. Rinse with potable water.

PRESSURE & FOAM CLEANING: Dilute 1 - 3 OZ per gallon of water, depending on degree of soil. Apply solution to soiled surfaces; scrub, if necessary, and rinse with potable water.

FLOOR WASHING: Dilute 1 - 3 OZ per gallon and scrub floor with an automatic floor scrubber or manually with a broom. Rinse floor thoroughly.