Emulso's Magic Hand Soap

Magic Hand Soap


MAGIC HAND SOAP uses a high-performance formula containing walnut shell scrubbers to remove the toughest dirt and grime. MAGIC HAND SOAP contains six different lotions that leave hands soft and clean. MAGIC HAND SOAP is super-concentrated and solvent-free.


Removes All Dirt & Grime
Formula Reduces Use By Up To 75%
Neutralizes Odor
Contains Walnut Shell Scrubbers


H6-13 13.5 OZ Brown
H6-04 120 OZ Brown
H6-DISP 1 EA Black Dispenser

A) Apply to hands, knuckles, palms & fingers. Then add a small amount of water, lather & rinse; or B) Wet hands, apply to hands, knuckles, palms & fingers, lather & rinse.