Auto Truck and Trailer Wash 5 GL

Auto Truck & Trailer Wash


AUTO TRUCK & TRAILER WASH uses a solvent-free formula to remove grime, road film, and exhaust deposits from vehicles and equipment. Safe on any surface when diluted. May be used manually or in automatic or pressure washers.


Removes Dirt, Grime, and Road Film from Vehicles and Equipment
May be Used Manually or in Automatic or Pressure Washers
Safe on Any Surface When Diluted
Solvent-free Formula


F3-05 5 GL Pink
F3-55 55 GL Pink
F3-275 275 GL Pink

AUTOMATIC CAR WASHES: Dilute one part AUTO TRUCK TRAILER WASH with 128 parts water. Allow product to work for 15-20 seconds. Rinse with water

TOUCHLESS SYSTEM: Dilute 1-3 parts AUTO TRUCK TRAILER WASH through high-pressure spray equipment. Immediately follow with an acidic detergent. 

To obtain the best results, apply AUTO TRUCK TRAILER WASH at a high temperature of 140°F - 160°F and a high pressure of 600 psi. Always rinse with high-pressure water. Always apply from bottom toward top, both on application and rinse. Do not allow surface to dry before rinsing. May be used in pressure washer, automatic type washers or applied by hand brushing.