Ultra Finish Premium

Ultra Finish Premium


ULTRA FINISH uses a high-performance formula to remove wax build-up and prevent floor finish discoloration.


Penetrates and Strips Wax Build-up from Floors
Prevents Floor Finish Discoloration
High-performance, Fast-acting Formula


B11-4CS 1 GL White
B11-5G 5 GL White
B11-55 55 GL White

For General Application: Apply ULTRA FINISH evenly on clean floor with a mop or applicator. Allow coat to dry at least 30 minutes before applying another coat. 

For First-time Users: Apply 2-3 layers of ULTRA FINISH to floors to establish a base coat.

For Maintenance: To maintain finish after initial application, use a quality floor cleaner and damp mop on a regular basis to maintain cleanliness and shine.

Damaged floors and surfaces may require a pre-cleaning or finish stripping prior to ULTRA FINISH application.