Bio Buster SP

Bio Buster SP


BIO BUSTER SP uses an enzyme-based high-performance formula to naturally eliminate grease and waste, prevent fruit flies, and deodorize and unclog drain lines, grease traps, and septic tanks. Not harmful to pipes.


Unclogs Drain Lines, Grease Traps, and Septic Tanks
Naturally Eliminates Grease and Waste
Enzyme-based High-performance Formula 
Deodorizes Grease Traps and Septic Tanks
Prevents & Eliminates Fruit Flies
Not Harmful to Pipes

1 GL Green
5 GL Green

For Sewer and Drain Maintenance: Pour BIO BUSTER SP directly into drain or sewer following pipe diameter dose instructions below. Treat twice weekly or as needed.

Pipes 2" Diameter: 4 OZ  |  Pipes 4" Diameter: 8 OZ

Pipes 6" Diameter: 12 OZ  |  Pipes 8" Diameter: 16 OZ

For Grease Trap Maintenance: Pour 4-5 OZ directly into sink or pipeline closest to grease trap daily. Flush with one cup of lukewarm water. Only treat grease trap when not in use.

When applied on a regular basis, BIO BUSTER SP reduces the accumulation of grease in drains, sum pumps, and grease traps and prevents fruit fly infestations.