E-ZOIL Introduces The "Grippy" Glass Cleaner



JUNE 28, 2017

 E-ZOIL Introduces Glass Glitz, A New Cleaner That Grips Glass

Tonawanda, N.Y. - July 18, 2017 - E-ZOIL, manufacturer of performance-enhancing fuel additives and cleaning solutions, has introduced Glass Glitz, a new glass cleaner formulated to be streak-free and able to dissolve film, light to heavy soils, fingerprints, bugs and other hard to remove items.

"A lot of people might shrug that the last thing the world needs is another glass cleaner," explained E-ZOIL vice president Christopher Miller. "We were looking for a product to round out our line of high performance cleaning solutions, and Glass Glitz was the perfect choice. We've nicknamed it the 'Grippy Glass Cleaner,' because when shaken the unique formula in this product helps the bright orange solution cling to glass."

Miller said Glass Glitz is ideal when cleaning vertical surfaces because normal glass cleaners tend to run quickly. In addition, Glass Glitz contains a pleasant odor neutralizer formulated to kill odors at their surface.

Available in a 32-ounce bottle, Glass Glitz won't evaporate on hot surfaces and is ammonia-free. All E-ZOIL performance cleaners are manufactured for tough cleaning jobs and are safe for the environment when used as directed.

For more information on E-ZOIL and its complete line of high performance cleaning products, phone 716-213-0106 or visit www.ezoil.com.