E-ZOIL Launches New Website Product Finder

TONAWANDA, NY - JULY 15, 2015 - E-ZOIL Products, Inc., an international manufacturer of fuel additives and specialty chemicals, has launched a website product finder.  The new product finder will assist E-ZOIL web visitors in finding the diesel fuel additive that meets their specific needs. 

"I'm excited about the new product finder as it will make it much easier for our customers to find the diesel fuel additive that suits their needs," said Chris Miller, E-ZOIL Vice President.  Mr. Miller added that, "E-ZOIL offers ten different diesel additives, which can sometimes make it difficult to determine exactly which E-ZOIL additive is right for a given application.  The new product finder, like our entire website, is responsive to the different media formats and devices people use to browse the internet.  Whether our visitors are navigating our site with a traditional desktop PC, smart phone, or tablet computer, they will receive an optimized experience."  

The new product finder also incorporates our performance positioning strategy. "Our products improve the performance of diesel fuel and enhance the appearance of diesel vehicles and equipment," said Mr. Miller.  "And, now our product finder enhances our visitors' web experience." 

If you have any questions about our product finder, please contact us. 

E-ZOIL was founded in 1980 and is headquartered just outside Buffalo, NY.  They manufacture and market a profitable, proven, comprehensive line of performance‑enhancing fuel additives and cleaners that meet all the needs of fleet owners and owner‑operators for cost-effective solutions that reduce breakdowns and routine maintenance, improve mileage and power, and enhance the appearance of vehicles and equipment inside and out.