E-ZOIL Announces Introduction of New Biodiesel Fuel Additives

Tonawanda, NY October 1, 2011 - E-ZOIL Products, Inc., an international manufacturer of diesel fuel additives and specialty chemicals, announced the introduction of two new biodiesel fuel additives, Bio-Aid and Bio-Power.  Both products solve the most common problems associated with using biodiesel fuel. 

"As most people know, biodiesel fuel is the name given to a clean burning alternative fuel, produced from domestic, renewable resources like vegetable oil and animal fat," said Chris Miller, E-ZOIL vice president.  "Biodiesel offers our industry and the environment many benefits.  It is, however, not without its problems.  It has a tendency to absorb moisture from the air and that moisture leads to a host of problems including premature failure of fuel pumps and injectors, fuel line freezing, corrosion and microbial growth.  It also gels at a much higher temperature than regular diesel fuel, which causes expensive down-time."  Bio-Aid will totally disperse water preventing any water-related problems from occurring.  Bio-Power will reduce and/or eliminate gelling in biodiesel blends from B1 to B20. 

For additional information about these products, visit www.EZOIL.com.

E-ZOIL, founded in 1980 and headquartered just outside Buffalo, NY, manufacturers a variety of specialty chemicals for the heavy-duty trucking industry.  Their diesel fuel additive line offers solutions to virtually any problem experienced by diesel fuel consumers.  Their cleaning products line cleans and protects vehicles and equipment exposed to heavy-duty environments.