Easy Green 1 GL

Easy Green

All Purpose NEUTRAL Cleaner

EASY GREEN is a powerful neutral all-purpose cleaner concentrate that removes a wide range of soils. For use on a variety of surfaces. Dries quickly to leave surfaces streak-free and sparkling clean.


Cleans Surfaces
Penetrates & Dissolves Dirt & Grime
Non-butyl, No-rinse, Low-foam Formula


A73-04 1 GL GREEN
A73-05 5 GL GREEN

Can be diluted manually or through automated dispensing units.
  LIGHT SOIL: 2 OZ - 4 OZ per 1 GL water
  MEDIUM SOIL: 4 OZ - 6 OZ per 1 GL water
  HEAVY SOIL: 6 OZ - 12 OZ per 1 GL water