Kleen All 1 GL

Kleen All

Multi-Surface Cleaner & Degreaser

KLEEN ALL uses a formula rich with water conditioners to effectively remove soil & grease from most surfaces.
Works with all water conditions.


Removes Stubborn Soil & Grease from Surfaces
Deodorizes with a Fresh, Pleasant Aroma Deodorizes
Effective in All Water Conditions


A13P-25 2.5 GL Clear
A13P-04 1 GL Clear
A13P-05 5 GL Clear
A13P-55 55 GL Clear

LIGHT SOIL: 2 OZ - 4 OZ/GL of water
MEDIUM SOIL: 4 OZ - 6 OZ/GL of water
HEAVY SOIL: 6 OZ - 8 OZ/GL of water