EZ Zyme 32 OZ

EZ Zyme


EZ ZYME uses a high-performance formula rich in protease & lipase enzymes to remove tough, set-in stains from fabric including blood, makeup, frying fats, grease & any other protein-based soil.


Formula Rich in Protease & Lipase Enzymes Easily Removes Difficult Protein-based Stains
Removes Blood, Frying Fats, Makeup & Grease from Fabric
May Be Used As a Pre-spotter, Pre-soak or Wash Additive


JBLEZGO-32 32 OZ Clear

TO SPOT TREAT FABRIC: Saturate a clean white towel with EZ ZYME & rub stain vigorously with the saturated towel. Blot fabric with a separate clean, dry towel. Repeat steps as needed to achieve desired results.
PRE-SPOTTER: Spot the stained area liberally & ‘feather’ with a spotting brush if available. Allow to remain on stained fabric for at least 10 minutes before initial laundering.
PRE-SOAK: Use approximately 2 cups of product for every 5 GL of water. Allow sufficient time to soak, then proceed to wash.
ENZYME WASH ADDITIVE: Add in equal parts with wash detergent.