Pine Clean

Pine Clean


PINE CLEAN uses a highly-concentrated, high-performance formula to clean heavily soiled surfaces and neutralize odors, leaving behind a light pine aroma. 


Cleans & Degreases Heavily Soiled Surfaces
 Highly concentrated, High-performance Formula
Neutralizes Odors with a Light Pine Aroma
Safe for Use on All Water-safe Surfaces
For Use on Floors, Walls, Concrete, Stainless Steel, Vinyl, Restroom Fixtures, and Trash Receptacles


A4-04 1 GL Green
A4-05 1 GL Green
A4-55 55 GL Green

For General Cleaning: Dilute 2 parts PINE CLEAN to 1 part water and apply to the surface to be cleaned. Allow product to penetrate soil. Rinse with water.

For Floor Cleaning: Dilute 2 parts PINE CLEAN to 1 part water. Apply to floor with sponge or mop. Remove soiled solution with mop or wet vac. Rinse well with water. Mop damp dry.

For Auto-scrubbers: Dilute 1 part PINE CLEAN to 1 part water and add to reservoir. Run auto-scrubber following the machine's instructions.

For Regular Laundry Care: Use undiluted. Apply PINE CLEAN directly to stain and agitate. Launder as usual.  

For Heavily Soiled Laundry Loads: Dilute 2-3 parts PINE CLEAN per laundry load for extra-strength cleaning and an added fresh scent.