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Product Number

Description Applications & Uses



All purpose low foaming natural cleaner that dissolves dirt by penetration. Safe on any surface water can be used. Great neutral Ph cleaner. Biodegradable & USDA Authorized
  • Hard surface floors
  • Walls & woodwork
  • Furniture & paneling

Pine Clean

A4-4CS A highly concentrated cleaner & deodorizer that is unsurpassed for its cleaning power
  • Restrooms
  • Shower stalls
  • Floors & walls

Formula 75

A5-4CS A super strength multi-purpose non-butyl cleaner/degreaser. This biodegradable cleaner/degreaser is concentrated & extremely economical
  • Pressure & parts washers
  • Machinery & metal parts
  • Unpainted floors
Cleans It Cleaner A7-4CS A heavy duty cleaner used for removing heavy soil from hoods, filters, deep fat fryers & smoke eaters. Biodegradable & USDA Authorized
  • Kitchen grease
  • Floor was buildup
  • Vinyl siding
Super Clean 205 A13-4CS A heavy duty butyl based industrial strength cleaner/degreaser
  • Concrete surfaces & floors
  • Machinery
  • Garages & Factories

Super Clean 1205E

A17-4CS A full strength general purpose cleaner/degreaser that removes dirt, grease, wax and oil
  • Metal products
  • Formica, enamel & porcelain
Mean Orange A15-4CS A concentrated liquid cleaner/degreaser which penetrates and dissolves grease, oil and heavy dirt
  • Blacktop & concrete surfaces
  • Brick & vinyl siding
  • Pressure wash systems
  • Machinery & equipment
Grease Gobbler A26-4CS Our #1 Product - Grease Gobbler is a heavy duty cleaner/degreaser which quickly penetrated and dissolves grease, oily dirt & fats Biodegradable & USDA Authorized
  • Deep fat fryers
  • Food contact surface areas
  • Kitchen floors & walls

Grease Gobbler

A26XT-4CS Our Newest Product -
The next generation of cleaners/degreasers Grease Gobbler X-treme handles the toughest grease, dirt & oily conditons. Biodegradable & USDA Authorized.
  • Deep fat fryers
  • Food contact surface areas
  • Exhaust fans & filters
  • Kitchen floors & walls

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