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These words and phrases are commonly used when describing
our wide range of cleaning and degreasing products. Click on
the links below to access the glossary.

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PATHOGEN Any disease-producing organism.

PATHOGENIC Disease-producing.

PESTICIDE Agent which prevents, repels, destroys or mitigates pests. Types include insecticides, disinfectants and sanitizers, rodenticides, and herbicides.

PH A simple chemical scale which expresses the degree of acidity or alkalinity of a solution. The pH scale runs from 0 to 14. Seven is the neutral point. Numbers below 7 indicate acidity, with 0 being 10 times more acidic than 1, 1 being 10 times more acidic that 2, etc. Zero-3 is strongly acidic, 4-6 moderately acidic. Above 7
is the alkaline side. Eight-10 is moderately alkaline, 11-14 is strongly alkaline. Alkalinity is 10 times greater at each full number rise along the scale.

PHOSPHORIC ACID The most common acid based on phosphorus sometimes called orthophosphoric acid. Used as a mild bowl acid and in formulations of light-duty detergents.

PINE OIL An oil processed from the gum of pine trees. Used in hard surface cleaning and disinfecting, and distinguished by a characteristic aroma. As a disinfectant it is inactive against staphylococci.

PINE OIL CLEANER A liquid hard-surface cleaner containing detergents and pine oil. Used to dissolve oil, fatty acids, paints and tars while disinfecting and sanitizing, and deodorizing with a pine scent.

PORCELAIN ENAMEL A coating of ceramic-type material that is fired or fused to a steel base and used in sinks, bathtubs, etc. This differs from the vitreous china used in toilets.

PRECAUTIONARY STATEMENT Warnings on product labels to alert users to potential harmful hazards associated with using the product.

PRE-SOAK A soaking operation, to remove stains, that precedes the regular laundering process.

PRE-SPOT Removal of stains before more extensive carpet cleaning.

PROPELLANT An agent used to expel contents from an aerosol under pressure.

QUATERNARY AMMONIUM COMPOUNDS A class of chemicals used as disinfectant, antistat and softening agents (Quats).

REFINISHING To apply a new coat of wax or floor finish to a floor.

RESILIENT TILE Tile that will withstand shock without permanent damage; includes rubber, cork, asphalt, linoleum, vinyl, vinyl asbestos. This tile will give under impact and certain loads, and then return to its original form after the load
is removed.

RINSE AGENT A wetting agent used in the last rinse during dishwashing to improve the draining of the water from dishes and utensils.

RINSE AIDS Surfactants that aid in the rinsing property of water by lowering
its surface tension.

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