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These words and phrases are commonly used when describing
our wide range of cleaning and degreasing products. Click on
the links below to access the glossary.

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MILK STONE Calcium deposits on dairy or ice cream equipment.

MOLD A woolly growth, produced by a fungus.

MURIATIC Commercial name given to hydrochloric acid.

NEUTRAL CLEANER Non-alkaline, non-acid cleaner. The pH of mild neutral cleaners may be as high as 10 and not contain harsh alkalis.

NEUTRALIZER Chemical to change the pH of a surface so that residues will not interfere with floor coating adhesion.

NON-CHLORINE BLEACH A laundry product containing peroxygen compounds, which release active oxygen in wash water. This type product produces gentler bleaching action than chlorine bleach.

OPTICAL BRIGHTENER Substance that makes color appear brighter in the presence of sunlight and ultraviolet light.

ORGANISM Any individual animal, plant or bacterium.

OVEN CLEANER Usually a liquid in an aerosol container or pump-actuated bottle. To clean a cold oven a strong chemical is necessary. Usually the product is thick
or foamy to promote clinging to vertical surfaces.

OXIDATION To combine with oxygen. Slow oxidation is typified by the rusting of a metal.

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