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These words and phrases are commonly used when describing
our wide range of cleaning and degreasing products. Click on
the links below to access the glossary.

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DEFOAMER Substance used to reduce or eliminate foam.

DEGREASER A product specifically formulated to remove grease, oil and
greasy soils.

DEODORANT A product for destroying, masking or eliminating offensive odors.

DETERGENT Synthetic cleaning agent (other than soap) which is useful in physical removal of soils.

DISINFECTANT An agent that destroys harmful bacteria and/or viruses on inanimate surfaces (except spores). Most common types include Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, Phenolic Compounds, Pine Oil (at least 70%). Products making disinfectant claims must be registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and state it on the label with a registered EPA number.

DRAIN CLEANER A chemically strong product formulated to clean plugs of solid grease and other varied materials embedded in drains.

DUSTING PRODUCT (FURNITURE) An aerosol or pump spray that dispenses ingredients in a fine spray onto surface of dusting cloth. Some cloths come already impregnated with active ingredients. These products attract, pick up and retain light dust and soil.

EMULSION A dispersion of small oil particles in a solution.

ENZYME Proteins produced by living organisms that function as a biochemical catalyst.

E.P.A. Environmental Protection Agency of the United States Government. Has responsibility to regulate the environment.

FLOOR FINISH The top layer of protective floor coatings.

FOAM A mass of bubbles formed on liquids by agitation.

FUNGICIDE A chemical agent that destroys fungi.

FURNITURE CLEANER/POLISH A liquid, paste or aerosol spray designed to remove dust and stains from wood surfaces, confer shine and protection against water spots, and is formulated to reduce wax buildup with continued use.

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