13 Apr 2016

Spring Cleaning With Emulso Products

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Now is the time to think about cleaning your equipment. Emulso offers several Tar and Asphalt cleaners to get your equipment in tip top shape!

Before and After
The image at left is a paver before cleaning with Emulso’s Solvall. The image on the right is after being cleaned with Solvall. In this instance, Solvall was sprayed directly on the paver, after a few minutes it was the power washed, no scrubbing.

Three cleaners to choose from:
Solvall, Solvit and Paving Equipment Cleaner. A Product for everyone!

Solvall – The industries #1 Product, Solvent Based Cleaner. A little goes a long way!
Solvit – A d-limonene based cleaner, highly effective with a pleasant citrus scent.
Paving Equipment Cleaner (PEC) – Mineral Oil Based Cleaner, very economical.